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A short history of the Richmond RSL Sub Branch

The R.S.L. was formed in 1916. In this area a combined sub branch was formed consisting of the Windsor, Richmond & Kurrajong districts. Windsor split to form a seperate sub branch in 1931.

Our first record of Richmond / Kurrajong is a minute dated 4th February 1935. In September 1941 it was decided to purchase five blocks of land at the corner of East Market Street & Francis Street at a cost of 200 pounds sterling.

The first Memorial Hall was in Bosworth Street. First meeting in July 1946 and the first Bowling Green was laid in October of that year. In July 1947 the R.S.L. building was taken over by the Richmond Exservicemens Club. The sub branch loaned the new club 200 pounds to get started and rented the furniture for 10 shillings per week.

In May 1950, the rent was raised to 600 pounds a week to help pay for the upkeep of the Bowling Green.

All the minutes for meetings held in 1956 to 1959 are missing. In that period the loan account increased to 25,000 pounds as shown in the minutes of April 1960. In October the Exservicemens Club refused the Womens Auxillary permission to run a raffle on club premises.

The 1961 Audit shows property valued at 55,000 pounds assets 1,646 and 4,754 in the bank.

1964 saw the Womens Auxillary complain about the conduct of the Younger Set on dance nights. The sub branch stated members would be in attendance to prevent further occurrances.

In 1965 there was now worth 60,000 pounds, some investments, 200 pounds in 1941. No minutes available from November 1968 to March 1973, the loan account had risen to 69,997 pounds, ???.

1977, most of the property was sold to the Club. A loan of $30,000 was made to the Hawkesbury Community & R.S.L. Homes Trust.

In 1979 the Memorial Hall was sold for $95,000, The then treasurer said he hoped the money would be invested wisely to eventually make the sub branch completely independant of the Club.

Since 1980 much money has been given to many charities for relief in many ways, scholarships and donations as the members thought necessary.

The premises we now own, purchased in 1996, consisting of the front hall built in 1845, the rear hall built in 1860 was the first school built in Richmond. The premises were sold to the Masonic Lodge in 1929. The Sub Branch paid $295,000 in 1996 and we have spent about another $70,000 to make the premises a credit to the Sub Branch and the town of Richmond.

Overall a wonderfull effort by the Sub Branch & the Womens Auxillary.

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